Thursday, February 24, 2011

small sound/Big Sound Team Awesome! Fuzz Machine

Awesome indeed! Finally got to plug this bad boy in tonight and hear what all the hype has been about. Let's just say in the short run that IT TOTALLY DOES LIVE UP TO THE HYPE! I like this pedal alot.

Construction: Super solid, no scratchy pots, the Grygryx (Author/Geek: "shake test" proves positive. No concerns about this pedal lasting for the next decade (or two). As I said above, I like the fact that the knobs were not super duper loose. One thing that I have noticed about my Pickle Pie B is that the knobs like to turn if I am not careful with my feet.

Customer Service: Brian is a super cool guy, great with communication (via emails, IME) and always willing to help out if and when something goes wrong (from what I've heard).
Graphics: Minus the blips that are really minor in my opinion, I love the newish incarnation of the graphics on the TAFM. I like them way better than the older (1st generation) graphics. Way to go.

TONEZ: Alright, so I don't have the means (yet ) to record sound clips, but I feel like TheMutt's sound clips really do this pedal some justice. The setting in the picture above is probably my favorite setting, a grindy fuzz that has some balls a-la clean blend grind.

Ok, I'm a stickler for a clean blend and I really liked the way that the clean blend sounded on this pedal, not crystal clear exactly-the-way-my-tone-is-thankyouverymuch, but with some grit and grind (or more depending on the settings). Balls. That's the only word for it.

Compared to my Pickle Pie B, which I have set for DOOM, there are some noticeable differences. I could definitely get some of the same doom-y tonez out of the TAFM, but they were much less like a big Muff IMO. There were some great muff tonez to be had in the TAFM, but I felt its forte was better suited elsewhere. It was harder to make the PPB get the grindy, ballsy fuzz tonez that I liked out of the TAFM without putting my GeminiDrive in front of it. That pedal's clean blend is definitely just that - a clean blend.

All that said, I really liked the TAFM, and I really like the fact that it won't run on batteries....which are evil.

Another plus was that I was able to cop a similar grindy ballsy tone (like the one pictured) on my Gnomeratron VTF (review / shootout to come) which was a pleasant surprise.

Here it is on my (old) pedal board:

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